June 21 教會第一階段開放

North Texas Chinese Church’s re-opening implementation and practice of conducting worship services and other ministerial service

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Phase one re-opening plan 第一階段開放規劃

  1. Sunday Worship online service option will continue to be available while in-person meetings are reopened in practice. 在實重新開放教會面對面崇拜聚會時, 我們將繼續提供線上主日崇拜服事的選項。
  1. We encourage all attendees who are 65 year-old and above or having an underlying at-risk health condition to remain stay at home and watch the service online. If you catch a cold or flu, please stay at home and not to attend church activities until you are fully recovery.If you have allergy recently and cause you to coughing a lot, we suggest you to refrain from coming to church to avoid unnecessary worry. 鼓勵所有 65 歲及以上的長者或具有潛在健康情況的出席者暫時待在家裡, 並在線上參與敬拜或聚會活動。如果你感冒或流感,請留在家裡,不要參加教會活動,直到你完全康復。如果你最近因為過敏,導致你經常咳嗽,我們建議您不要來教會 ,以避免他人不必要的擔心。
  1. Our ushers and greeters will equip with masks; all attendees must sanitize their hands and put on a mask when entering the building. If you don’t have a mask, church will provide. Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer will be applied for all attendees before entering the worship center.  我們的招待員將配備帶口罩; 所有出席者在進入教會時,請務必使用教會提供的消毒液洗手並戴上口罩。如您沒有口罩,教會將會提供。非接觸式紅外線溫度計將檢測所有進入禮拜中心的出席者。
  1. Child care and Children ministry will remain closed, but if you come with your children, they may sit with you to worship. 幼兒看顧和兒童事工仍然暫停,但是如果你和你的孩子一起來, 他們可以和你坐在一起參加做禮拜。
  1. Youth ministry will continue have online service and in-person service option. 青年事工將繼續提供在線上敬拜和面對面的敬拜選項。
  1. Make sure to sit with your family unit, use social distancing between each unit (6 feet apart). 確保與你的家庭成員坐在一起, 在每個單位之間保持一定的社交距離 (間隔約6英呎)
  1. No passing offering collection bag but will provide a central collection box and online giving. 暫時停止傳遞奉獻袋,可將奉獻投入奉獻箱或線上奉獻。
  1. No Holy Communion service will be held on phase one.Weekly love feast will also be suspended on phase one re-opening. 第一階段暫時沒有主聖餐的服事。愛宴將暫時停止供應。
  1. Wednesday prayer meeting and Friday fellowship gathering will remain meet online. 周三禱告會和週五的小組團契聚會將繼續在線上舉行。
  1. Ministerial staffs will sanitize seats and frequently touched surfaces after each gathering. If you have any discomfort or confirmed COVID-19symptom, please inform us so we can make our emergency arrangement.  服事人員在每次聚會完畢後,會將所有座位和經常接觸的表面進行消毒。如果您有任何不適或確認的COVID-19癥狀,請通知我們,以便我們可以作出緊急安排。


Your physical and spiritual health and safety is our top priority as we plan and prepare for our phase onechurch re-opening.   The Church Council and coworkers will continuously re-evaluate our church re-opening situation and commit to do our best to keep our congregation safe and informed. If you have any concerns or suggestion, feel free to let us know so we can make any necessary adjustment and arrangement.  在我們為第一階段的教會重新開放進行規劃和準備時, 您的身心健康是我們的首要任務。  教會理事會和同工將不斷重新評估我們的教會重新開放的情況, 並承諾盡我們最大的努力, 保持我們的教會安全和訊息更新。如果您有任何顧慮或建議, 請隨時告知我們, 以便我們可以做出任何必要的調整和安排。